Why Olive Hill House?

It’s an answer to a lot of questions we’ve been asking.

We were wondering what would happen if we offered more – better quality and more functionality? What if the design would be modern and exciting and there was no cookie-cutter approach?
A place where you would feel completely rested and that would make your travel experience even better?
That’s the thing we’ve always kept in mind – the desire to create a place where we would also like to stay.

We want you to feel like you could live here, not only stay.

Comfortable beds, fresh linens, soft towels, well-chosen amenities and essentials.

We choose only natural materials.

There is no rollover during sleep due to the synthetic materials that keep the body warm and not allow you to sleep well.

Grateful for this kind of luxury living.

Enjoy the moment, rebalance and restore a sense of calm by the Adriatic sea. Explore the island like a local with the best offbeat activities and hidden island nooks. Sail the sea, visit natural springs, explore hidden bays - everything is right at your doorstep!

Happy travelers and hosts.

We are young family who is gladly inviting the world to visit and most of all to feel like at home. Take a break and relax. Stay happy, even foolish from time to time. You deserve it. We hope your experience and stay will be one to remember.